O&G values objects that patina with age, surfaces that grow rich with the signs of daily use are part of the joy of living with great design. Our solid wood furniture is designed and crafted to last a lifetime, to help it age gracefully we recommend the following care instructions:


  • Avoid environments with extreme changes of temperature, humidity or sun exposure

  • Immediately clean spills with a soft damp cloth

  • Do not use cleaning products containing glycols

  • Use trivets under hot items

  • Use table cloths or placemats under dinnerware with raw, unglazed foot rims


  • “Live” metal finishes are unlaquered and will mellow over time to a beautiful patina.

  • All of our “live” finishes leave our factory with a coat of museum grade wax, this creates a base for a slow, mellow patination.

  • Don’t be alarmed! The first signs of patina can be underwhelming. Be patient and let nature do its work, you will be rewarded!

  • Soft paste wax, such as butchers applied with a soft cloth gives a nice feel and will slow the patination process