o   O&G Studio offers a (1) Year Warranty from the date of delivery against Defects in Material and Manufacturing .  Items with defects resulting from manufacturing or material defects will be replaced or repaired at O&G’s sole discretion.


o   Natural Materials:  O&G products are made from high quality natural materials that are carefully selected to fit within our standard for strength and beauty. Naturally occurring variations such as changes in tone, grain pattern and minor checks, knots, inclusions are not considered defects.


o   O&G wood finishes are carefully applied for beauty and protection, our stains are hand mixed and applied, this coupled with the natural variations in wood grain and tone create a spectrum of variation which is are part of the craftsmanship, beauty and signature look of our work. We select wood for every component based on color, grain pattern and strength. Minor knots, checks or voids in the wood are considered part of woods natural beauty and along with the other variations mentioned above are not considered as defects . Exposure to extremes of temperature, UV light, and chemical cleaners can cause changes in the color and feel of a finish and are not covered under this Warranty.  We recommend that our furniture, like all fine wood furniture, be placed in areas that have minimal exposure to UV light.  Some change in tone over the life of your furniture is a natural part of the aging and patina process and is not considered a defect.  


o   Unless otherwise noted, all O&G metal finishes are “live finishes” meant to patina and change over time, developing unique and beautiful depth.  These changes are not considered defects and are not covered under this Warranty.


o   In order to make a claim, the client must contact O&G Studio directly via info@oandgstudio.comwithin one year after the date of delivery. Client must supply O&G with images of damages and a detailed statement in order to assess the cause of damage.  Once the damage is deemed a “Manufacturing or Material Defect”, O&G will inform the client whether replacement or repair is the necessary solution.  This will be determined on a case by case basis. 


o   In the event your O&G piece is damaged, we offer a repair program on a case by case basis.  In order to apply for this program, client must supply O&G with images of damages and a detailed statement of the repairs requested. O&G will work with the client to determine the best plan of action at the most competitive pricing.  A repair quote and program outline will be determined at that time.   O&G will work with the client to make sure the repair program is executed in the most convenient manner possible. 


o   In case of damage in shipping, packages must be inspected thoroughly upon delivery.  If there is any damage to the packaging or piece, the driver must be notified at the time of delivery.  The damage must be noted on the packing slip before signing for the shipment.  Photos of the damaged box/packaging (if applicable) AND detailed photos of the damaged furniture should be sent immediately to O&G via info@oandgstudio.com.  Please note: A claim cannot be placed unless there is proof of damage from delivery service. Damage that occurred during  shipping will be replaced or repaired on a case by case basis.