O&G Studio specializes in furniture, lighting, and product design. We’re located in bayside Warren, Rhode Island, where we work to strike the perfect balance between material, function and form in our designs. Our work is influenced by American History, striving for relevance in the design market, while never compromising our craftsmanship.  Every single product we sell is made in the USA by those who live here. 

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O&G Studio is seeking a skilled and energetic candidate for the position of Associate Design Developer. This is one of O&G’s most dynamic positions, working alongside Jonathan, the Associate Design Developer is responsible for the many and varied steps it takes to go from concept to final design.  The ability to nimbly shift between concept and technical understanding, various materials and modes of production must be what excites and drives you.   O&G is based on direct, results driven design process.  The right candidate will be able to identify and take the appropriate approach as required by the work.  Patience and attention to detail are a must as are commitment to craft, intuitive understanding of making, and the desire to be a collaborative member of the O&G Team.  This is a full time position and requires a long term commitment. 



O&G Studio is seeking a driven and energetic metal worker to sample and produce designs and parts in metal using a wide range of techniques.  Working under Jonathan Glatt, the Metalsmith/Machinist/Metals Fabricator will play a key roll in expanding the use of metal in O&G’s collection.   Work will range from hardware to furniture.  Both sculptural and precise approaches are required, encompassing a wide range of techniques.  This position demands focus and intuitive understanding of how to tackle design and production challenges.  Clear communication and the desire to get down to work are a must. 


INTERN - spring / summer / fall

O&G internships vary from year to year and season to season.  We believe in immersion and the experience.  We hope to connect education design and the theoretical design process with business in real time.  The O&G internship experience allows one to see the inner workings of a creative business for a moment in time, not limited to:  design development, vendor sourcing, manufacturing, custom design, client relations, sales, marketing, and branding. To apply, please send along your resume, portfolio, and a letter detailing your interest or what you hope to gain from working with us.  We are located in Warren, Rhode Island.